Gotta Smile!

Gotta Smile!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Final Month in Annapolis

September 1 - 30, 2015

Our last month in Annapolis was cut short.  We didn't return from St Louis until the 9th.  Jennifer and her family are moving to San Diego from St Louis.  We stayed an extra week to help them stage their house for the market.  I guess we did a good job because it went on the market on Friday and had an accepted offer on Sunday.  We helped, but the house was a beauty and decorated really well....with or without us it was going to sell quickly!  
We had no trouble keeping busy as we revisited favorite Annapolis locations and explored a few new ones.  We've given the Annapolis tour so many times I think we could work as guides (as long as no one checks our facts).  We had one final chance to show off our knowledge when friends, Jan and Steve, flew in for a three day visit.          

The William Paca home and gardens.  Paca signed
the Declaration of Independence and was the
governor of Maryland from 1782 - 1785.  In 1788
he proposed the addition of the Bill of Rights.

Paca's formal gardens and
Summer House.

St John's College is in the heart of Annapolis.  It was
founded as King William's School in 1696.  Francis
Scott Key attended. 

We couldn't leave without one more visit to noon
Kim and Zim were our dock neighbors for a week
while they were in town for his Academy reunion.
They are just beginning their sailing adventure to
the islands.

Jan and Steve prefer a faster way to get around the
country.  Good friends from the Porsche Club that
we have vacationed with for over 25 years.    

Gotta smile -- we're lovin the ride!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer In Annapolis

August 1 - September 5, 2015

Our decision to spend the summer in Annapolis has been a good one.  Besides loving Annapolis itself, it's proximity to other interesting cities has kept us and guests entertained.  On the first of August we moved from a mooring ball to Horn Point Marina in Eastport.  It is a quiet location within walking distance of downtown Annapolis.  Once we got settled and discovered how convenient it was, we decided to stay through the end of September.  I'm sure the next month will go by as quickly as this one.  

Our last night on a mooring ball we enjoyed this fabulous view
 of Ego Alley and the city docks 
from our cockpit.
We love our slip location at the end of the dock.

Day visits to favorite cities:

George Washington's tomb at Mt Vernon.

View of the Potomac River from Mt Vernon's porch.

This is NOT our car! We found it in the parking
 lot at Mt Vernon. Someone is even crazier with
smiley faces than us!
Washington was a gentleman farmer
that enjoyed formal gardens, too.



Worrell's Tavern where President
George Washington stayed in 1791. 

Washington College uses his
signature on signs throughout
the campus.

  Looking up an alley to the state house
in downtown Annapolis.

Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes.
The town of Lewes was the settled by the
Dutch in 1631.  It is very cute and we will

return for a longer visit next time. 

The Rehoboth boardwalk.  
After 42 years my freshmen roommate from Michigan State and I reconnected thanks to Facebook.  Brian and I were dating back then so he was in a lot of the stories.  We had two great days catching up.  Janet's husband was a good sport as he listened to our version of life in the 60's.   

Ron and Brian taking a break on the
state house steps.

We gave them the full walking tour of Annapolis
that included noon formation at the Academy.  

My cousin once removed (we finally figured that out) squeezed us into their annual family vacation on the Chesapeake.  Renee and Doug live in Minnesota only a few miles from our son.  Unfortunately, our Minnesota visits are short and we don't get to see them too often.  This was such a treat.      
Blake, Doug, me, Brian, Renee and Grant.
They are raising two wonderful boys.

Len a high school classmate of Brian's, stopped by for a visit.

Steve and Erin arrived with Niko and Addison for a six day visit that we crammed full of tours to Baltimore, Washington DC and, of course, all of the sights in Annapolis. 

The Coast Guard's newest ship, James,
 is undergoing sea trials.
They were giving guided tours the day
we were there.

A view of Baltimore from the ship's pilot house.
A quick photo on board before we ran through the
pouring rain to a restaurant.

Steve and the kids toured the Torsk
submarine before going to the
National Aquarium.

Dingy ride into town from the marina.
One of my favorite statues at the 
Academy.  A memorial to those who
lost their lives in submarines. 

If you like to bowl, don't EVER let yourself
get talked into duck pin bowling!  It is at
a bowling alley, but you roll small balls
without finger holes and try to hit small

It was Steve's idea. The only person that broke a 100.
We should have all used the gutter guards!

Brian and I searched all over Annapolis
for a beach, before they arrived.  This is
the only one we found.  OK, two years in
the Caribbean has spoiled us.  This was
not what I was hoping for.....

It won't be on any of the lists for the
most beautiful beaches, but we had a
good time in spite of it.

First trip on the subway.  And we actually got where
we were hoping to go!
First stop: the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

I think we went in almost every one
of the Smithsonian buildings for at
least a short visit.  

We even went to the Botanical Gardens,
one of my top choices.

We love these hop on-hop off double decker buses
when we are touring big cities with kids.  It's great
to have an occasional ride after all of the walking.

The Capitol Building dome is getting a facelift!

Of course, the Washington Monument
is seen from almost everywhere.

It's not easy to get near the front of the White House, but we persevered!  
Jefferson Memorial

A favorite of most visitors, the Lincoln Memorial.

We were on the bus's upper deck twice
when Obama's helicopter flew past us.

The last week of August was another trip to the midwest.  Brian had a 3M reunion in Minnesota and I had a hair appointment in Missouri.  That gave each of us quick visits with our kids.  

Jennifer was out of town for several days on a business trip. Ian and I took JAC
and Christopher to the Onondaga Caves.  All of the formations are stalagmites
and stalactites -- even the green sections in the water.
Hiking with Niko and Addison.

Every day JAC, Christopher and I would walk to
school.  After I dropped them off I'd continue for
another 40 minutes.  Good way to start the morning! 

First day of school in Minnesota.

 Gotta Smile - we're lovin the ride!

A reunion of the 3M Aerospace Adhesives group.
I just want it noted -- I DID NOT take this photo!  Sorry Mike...