Gotta Smile!

Gotta Smile!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

George Town

George Town
November 28, 2013 -- Thanksgiving

We watched this crab climb out of the water, up the
 post  and walk along the dock.  Who says we
don't live an exciting life?

The Exuma Yacht Club is not the prettiest marina that we have stayed in.  In fact, it has some of the worst docks we have seen.  They were sturdy, but a mess.  Clevon, the dock master, was a gem. He had lots of good recommendations and a darling three year old daughter.

John and Gail came out of the liquor store empty
handed.  When they returned later, they got a
quantity discount!  

The location, however, could not be beat.  It was right in the middle of town near everything that we needed: grocery, bank, produce stand, liquor store, good restaurant and even a cute shop.  The only thing that we had hoped to find and didn't was a bakery.  Actually, we did find a bakery, but they didn't         have anything for sale until Saturday.    

Today is Thanksgiving back home.  Even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday here; they do make their version of a Thanksgiving dinner.  We were surprised to see  so many turkeys leaving the grocery.  I didn't get a chance to ask what accompanied the big bird.  I'm guessing it is quite different.       

We all admired these stacked stone walls with
evenly spaced conch shells.
George Town is the cruising mecca of the Bahamas. It was established in 1792.  Known as the turnaround point for most, a stopover for some and the winter refuge for many.  During the season it often hosts 400 plus boats in its huge harbor.   

At 12:30 we left the marina to check the seas.  It is about five miles from the marina to open water.  Things didn't seem too bad in the channel, but holy moly when we got in the unprotected area we saw some big rollers (again)!  We were in seven to nine foot waves that were coming straight at our bow.  It was like being on a roller coaster.  Before we knew it Gotta Smile made a tight 'U' turn and we were headed back to the calm channel.  I have blind faith in the boat and Brian's ability.  So far, I haven't been frightened by the water we have encountered -- just a little green at time
Gotta Smile anchored next to Blue Compass. 

About a mile into the channel we anchored next to a 39 Krogen, Blue Compass.  We knew the owners Dov and Rebecca from the Krogen breakfasts in Stuart.  They called on the radio and came over for a quick visit.  
Poinciana Tree -- glossy fern like leaves and large
orange flowers…..beautiful!

Lawn mowing service and fresh meat all in one
package.  Sheep and goats in someone's front yard.

No Turkey dinner with all of the fixin's this year.  Beans and weenies with a tossed salad will be a Thanksgiving remembered by all four of us.  Since Brian and I had been up until 2 AM using the WiFi last night, we were exhausted.  A couple of quick games of Farkel (I won both) and we tottered off to bed.         

George Town - Again
November 29, 2013
After taking the dingy across the bay, we go under
this bridge to get to the dingy dock at the grocery.

Looks like we are here for a couple of days -- hopefully not more.  We had included ten weather days in our schedule to get us to Puerto Rico by December 15th.  Counting two here we have used six.  We are beginning to get nervous about making it home for Christmas.  

  I asked to take a picture of the Reverend and the police
woman.  The policeman came running from
across the street yelling, "take my picture too"! 

The produce truck comes to downtown George Town on Friday morning.  A retired minister parks his pick-up truck on the main street and sells fruit from his garden.  What a sweet man!  Onions, bananas, a papaya and lots of God bless yous from him.

Brian is in the dingy going back for the bimini,
while the three of us eat lunch at the yacht club. 

The wind has been so strong down here that our bimini (that was already in need of repair) ripped along the zipper.  After asking around town, we found Gesner Desvallond.  Another wonderful person that could resew all of the seams for $35 and have it ready in an hour!  Wow, could it get any better!  Brian and I dropped the bimini off at his shop and went back to Eddies for fried conch and plantains while we waited.  Just as good as we remembered from
This is Gesner.  He had to run into his shop, put on
a proper shirt and hang his tape measure around
his neck before I could take his picture.
yesterday.  At least our brains can still remember restaurants from one day to the next!  

Leaving George Town -- We Hope!
November 30, 2013           

We thought we would be here for another day, but the wave report this morning sounds promising.  As Captain Ron of the movie Captain Ron says "if it's going to happen; it's going to happen out there". So out there we go again.  We'll stick our toes in the open water and see how we get slapped around today.  Our destination is the northern end of Long Island where there is a good anchorage. 

Gotta smile -- we're lovin the ride!   

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun, although all the wind is making me nervous! We have been in touch with Jon and Bonnie and expect we will cross paths in Stuart mid January. Safe travels. BOB